Reblog if you purposely try to embarrass your friends by:


Walking like this:

Dancing like this:

Laughing like this :

Being creepy like this:

When we’re in class and they’re doing a presentation, I’m in the front like,

I start making sexy faces at them like:


This is a cool blog to follow

OMG. When I turn 18, I’ll ride a plane to go to a different time zone so that when I arrive, it will be a day before my birthday and I can say that I was…..



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friend: oh you have tumblr, whats your url?

you: oh my url is... *violently sprays friend in eye with mace spray, friend falls to ground in agony, you take out your fake mexican passport with the name 'hugo fernadez' on it and run as fast as you can to the nearest airport where you board a plane to mexico and take up a career in chicken farming for the next 10 years*